Saturday, April 01, 2023

What is it that the Party stands for?


The Kia Koe party, hands over its power and control to the members of the party, in the proposal and selection of policies, and their importance.

In this sense, what the party stands for, is a belief in that the people of New Zealand, overall, are rather clear, or becoming more clear on the importance of having good governance from the Government.

And that the good governance, is going to require clear direction, from the people of NZ, for the policies that we, as a Nation, want to have represented by our elected representatives.

The ability to gather those views, and to set them in order (to rank them) according to our own individual preferences, is the key to keeping this an extremely democratic process.

So, the party stands for a democratically elected set of policies:

Which are proposed by the members of the Party, not by a Party committee, council or body

Which all members have had involvement in, and we trust, are satisfied overall that the process of arriving at those top policies, which matter to everyone one the most, were transparently arrived at

Which involve a larger base which includes minors over the age of 12 years old. This is because these are tomorrows custodians, and we want them to arrive at the vote with a greater politically savvy understanding of what is going on, better able to contribute to the direction of where our country is going. And, this choice, is also in the interests of fairness – that as there is a cut off of 18 years of age, to be able to vote for the Party of your choice, there are a great many, who have not yet voted, who can be as old as 21 years old, minus one day, before they are actually able to make that choice.

Is inclusive of all ethnicities and backgrounds