Saturday, April 01, 2023

Upon what principles, is the party based?


That the five Basic Rights, and the five Basic Freedoms, will be honoured. These basic rights and Freedoms, have their limits in terms of Boundary, and Responsibilities that go with them.

  • The Right to Life
  • The Right to Freedom and Liberty
  • The Right to Work/Labour
  • The right to enjoy the Pursuit of Happiness
  • The Right to Love/Friendship
  • The Freedom of Choice
  • The Freedom of Speech
  • The Freedom of Association
  • The Freedom of Movement and
  • The Freedom of Enterprise

Further, that as custodians of our beautiful Country, on behalf of our descendants, that we will do our utmost, to pass the country on, in better condition, than we arrived in it, environmentally, financially, spiritually, and socially.