Saturday, April 01, 2023

How does it work?


Currently, and as has been for a long time, the offerings on Election Day are overall, rather flat

So, our being at the tail end of Party Policy, that is, that at the time of elections, the Parties represent to you, the voter, a final non-negotiable set of Policies upon which and amongst which, we must choose that which best suits our needs

This Kia Koe party, turns that around, and puts the responsibility for policy suggestion, approval, and ranking, in the hands of those who matter most. The voters themselves.

The way this works is to follow a basic simple process:

If you have a policy suggestion, and it fits within the underlying principles (above), propose the Policy

For all policies, if you feel it is worth commenting on, either in support of, or to oppose, we want you to do so, and to keep the process organised and somewhat ordered, we have developed 4 differing forums (quadrants) to debate or offer views, so it does not become an unmanageable lengthy interminably long blog. Two of these quadrants, by default, are those of Information, and Financial. Financial is important, because every time we require the Government to “Do something for us” there will naturally be a cost. And these costs must be able to be estimated, in order to decide whether it is a good idea or not. Sometime, and increase in costs is absolutely justified, but we need to know what those costs are estimated to be.

You are also able to provide links, and upload data and information which may assist with your side of an argument or view, to enable members to see both sides more clearly

For all policies, choose your level of support for each, whether you agree with it, or not.

Once you have chosen whether you support or not, Rank the Policy.

As new policies come up, or the level of importance that you attach may change, for each of the policies you have chosen, continue to order, and reorder your ranking so that it constantly mirrors your best choices for the party to represent on your behalf.