Saturday, April 01, 2023

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That the Govt alter the current working threshold levels which is a barrier to work

Unemployment isn't working. Alter the current threshold levels which is a barrier to working beyond the threshold, in many peoples minds who depend on the benefit.

I have heard it said, many times, why should i work longer than 15 hours, when i don't really get much more money for doing so" because the benefit is reduced if working longer than x hours.

From a person who works hard' perspective, my view is "why should you get paid for "not working" when you are capable of working longer hours, or for that matter, quite simply capable of working, but not doing so"

There are jobs available all over the country, which may not necessarily be highly skilled jobs, but they are jobs, and are constantly available.

People move to the main cities to gain employment, better employment perhaps than what they can get in the country areas

The reverse can also be true, if a person is unable to get a job in the cities, because of lack of qualifications, or for whatever reason, then they should move - just as those outside of cities move - to where there is employment to be had.

Saying there is no work that "Suits" in a particular place, does not mean that there is no obligation to pay yor own way, and to simply be a buirden on those who are supporting the system of Government, through their taxes

Government also has a responsibility to those who are working, to ensure that those hard earned wages/taxes are not wasted on those of lesser work ethics.


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