Saturday, April 01, 2023

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That the Govt approve legalisation & decriminalisation of Marijuana & its derivatives within guidelines & acceptable parameters

There has been constant debate about the decriminalization of Marijuana, and i expect there will be plenty more.

Many Kiwis find themselves unable to travel to certain countries because of having received a criminal record for this relatively harmless substance

There is growing support for its use in certain medical circumstances which cannot be entirely refuted

There are a great many, who on drinking alcohol, are unable to cope with it, and turn to violence and other anti social behaviours, which generally never display themselves in the presence of Marijuana use.

There are many drug users - who being unable to legally use Marijuana, and being equally, legally, unable to use other more addictive and far more dangerous substances most prevalently, methamphetamine, perhaps might stick with the far safer substance, Marijuana were it more readily and legally available

This does not in any way condone the use of, or being under the influence of marijuana while at work, or driving, but as a recreational substance, in the same way that alcohol in its many legal forms is, is able to be tolerated in the same situations, that alcohol is.

The current laws are not working, and cause great disruption and expense for all, for no gain

Portugal has altered their stance and have experienced reductions in overdoses, infections, prison populations and youth drug use, so there are models that we can explore, or we simply go for it, in our Kiwi way, and make it work.

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