Saturday, April 01, 2023

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That the Govt find way to fast-track Justice, for matters where it is clear, that harm was intended, in particular for theft & assault at all levels.

Criminal Justice. Find way to fast-track Justice, for matters where it is clear, that harm was intended.

It is clear, to the outside observer, in many cases, that harm was intended from one person/entity, to another.

An assault case, is not because someone was hoping someone would "Feel Better" afterwards, it was an intent of harm

Similarly for rape, theft, abuse, murder.

In none of these situations can it be considered that, where a person knowingly causes another harm, physical or by depriving them of something that they should be able to enjoy in comfort and without fear.

The litmus test of the crime being something like "Were someone to see you doing this thing (theft, assault, physical or verbal abuse), would you do it right in front of them?"

If the answer is "No" then it is clear it is something that they would rather the victim "not see" and therefore, it is an intention of harm, known in advance, premeditated, or otherwise.

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