Thursday, July 02, 2020

Policy Status : Suggested
That the Govt immediately allow Public Transport Passes able to be provided Fringe Benefit Free to EMployees and their Families

Public transport, to really work, one of the ingredients, apart from raising the service levels, requires far greater Patronage

It is therefore proposed that the Government create a concession that allows business entities to ability to offer staff and their families, Public Transport Subsidies at the least, and perhaps full payment of Public Transport subscription costs

This will have the benefit of removing a large amount of accounting functions away from the coal face of public transport

It will give those employees and their families a great incentive to become more regular patrons of Public Transport

It will give the PT service providers a larger demographic to work with, to enable further improvements in services, a positive snowball effect

The other end results, being

lower CO2 emissions,

greater health of staff/employees, and their families. (a little more walking, less stress etc)

Lower insurance costs

Less clogged roads and loss of productivity

Less injuries

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