Saturday, April 01, 2023

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That the govt immediately begin to be seen taking steps to Protect and enhance the health of our Waterways

Protect and enhance the health of our Waterways.

Rivers and streams are suffering from run-off from neighbouring areas, in particular, farms, horticultural areas and are the worst in urban areas

This has huge negative outcomes on fish species of which 72% of the 39 native fish speciaes are at risk of extinction due to extremely high Nitrogen levels

This is fixable, or at least, lets do as much as we can to preserve these species, in their entirety, that we can.

The banks of rivers need to be replanted with plants that were previously part of the ecosystem, to levels that make sense and are as dense as possible within the land space allowable - is the queens chain applicable here?

This burden should not be placed on the individual landholders, although, if they prefer to plant a particular type of plant themselves, and assist with improving the land of course, this would be encouraged and perhaps supported by the supply of plants from nurseries established purely for that purpose.

Where  possible, and i believe it is possible everywhere, current beneficiaries will be required to be part of that work team which does the planting, can also be low risk prisoners (or higher risk perhaps -suitably vetted by the appropriate authority) to contribute in a special way, to the environmental improvement of our country

Dairy farmers are a large rural consumer of water, and everything that can be done, to assist them to reduce the amount of water drawn from the water table in its various forms, should be done, for our future generations, as custodians, we are obligated to do what we can, all of us.

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