Monday, September 27, 2021

Policy Status : Suggested
That the Govt Immediately with councils review Public Transport to look at lower cost road based systems ahead of high cost infrastructure

Public transport. The government is to develop and support road based system ahead of rail and light rail options which seem to be current favourites in the Public Transport cliche list

This will look to operate main arterial routes, by buses in similar style to trains.

To do this would require

Buses to be larger, with double doors granting entry and exit at both front and rear

Ticketless entry to buses, removing the buffer zone, by having ticketing at the gates

In the case of motorways, at each motorway interchange, is installed a "Bus Station" complete with gates and fare collection/verification facilities, shops, advertising, long escalators and travelators, schedule updates, all the usual things one finds at a train station


The main routes (highways, and main arterial routes as make sense) themselves would be operated separately, i suggest, out of he Public Purse, with revenues from those services going into the Public Purse..

All other public transport services, in all forms, Private bus companies, Water borne services, trains, would then contract to deliver to and pick up from those Arterial routes and Highways

This would mean a more constant and regular supply of Public Transport services, throughout the suburbs

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