Saturday, April 01, 2023

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That the Govt immediately revise Immigration numbers/upper limits to be lowered until infrastructure strengthened to cope

Immigration levels are unable to be properly coped with in Auckland in particular, until infrastructural issues are properly dealt with and strengthened.

i propose that until we can see that stresses on our Auckland roads, Housing supply and demand, Public Transport solutions that need to be implemented and deployed, and utilised...

Why Auckland? As a yardstick, it is the one to measure, that is, if Auckland can cope, it is sure the rest of the country can cope.

Auckland growth is touted at 72,000 increase per year - what does this figure mean?

If only one in four buy a car, that is 18,000 cars per year - even if all those cars were parked only, and never actually went on the roads, that would be equivalent to 90km of cars, nose to tail, each year

The same number for housing, at only one in four, means 18,000 new dwellings per year, in Auckland alone

All those people need supplies for their houses, their schooling, their clothes, all of the products require services to deliver them to shops and outlets.

Reduce the number of permanent immigrants (to, say, 10,000 per year). Keep the number of seasonal workers to the same level,

Reduce the numbers for at least a two year period, develop a plan that will allow to raise the numbers again based on infrastructural improvements that will cater to that growth.


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