Monday, September 27, 2021

Policy Status : Suggested
That the Govt Increase border taxes to discourage large vehicle imports, multi vehicle purchases & increase the likelihood of repair work being done

Increase border taxes to discourage larger vehicle importation, and encourage vehicles to be less than 2 litre, with even greater reductions/incentives for smaller vehicles

Duty Free for Hybrid and Electric vehicles

Current Duty Rates in NZ are as follows, and where we want to encourge more passengers in less vehicles, this is clearly not encouraged by the duty levels being applied.

Increase duties on all vehicles, except ambulances should be zero, shouldn't it?

It is too cheap to own more than one car, in one family and there are costs outside of the simple purchase of a vehicle, to be met by the Govt, and as those costs are a direct result of the numbers of cars being imported and put onto our roads, the costs should start to be. met, at the first stage, the collection of duties on imports

Type of vehicle​ Duty rate

Motor cycle​ Free​

Motor car​ Free​

Ambulance​ 10%​

Motor home/camper van​ 10%​

Motor vehicle for the transport of 10 or more persons​ 5%​

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