Thursday, January 20, 2022

Policy Status : Suggested
That the Govt legislate for packaging in NZ to be shifted into recyclable packaging

Packaging in NZ only really became an issue with the introduction of cheap disposable plastic substitutes for the packaging that we were used to, milk bottles, paper bags, glass refundable bottles for the fizzy drinks etc.

The true costs of these imported products, are not borne by the importer of these goods, they are passed on, in minute amounts, to our end consumers, and to councils to deal with the waste

Some of the costs, we still are unable. to truly calculate, such as plastics in our oceans

All packaging in NZ is to be shifted into recyclable packaging, eg.  Milk Bottles, all bottles for locally produced/bottled retail product is to be homogenous and preferably at least somewhat interchangeable with other product suppliers.

Product that is unable to be shifted into recylable packaging, is to be taxed at the border through duties, for the environmental costs.


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