Saturday, February 29, 2020

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That the Govt limit Working Hours (allow the worker control) Follow France's lead. Restrict number of working hours

The number of working hours, expected to be worked in a week, without the employees permission, should be restricted.

this should take into account the general accessibility of the workplace to employees personal time, by way of email and phone connectivity in particular.

It should also take into account being available during annual leave to deal with those important issues that are able to be placed in front of an employee anywhere on the planet.

Prior to mobile phones, personal time, was almost without fail, personal time.

This has changed, and time away from work used to be just that.

With the implementation of 4 weeks annual leave for everyone, from the cleaner, the receptionist, to the most senior in the business, those who used to get extra leave, have lost that, and now get just the same as those who have lesser responsibilities, the same as someone who left school yesterday gets the same as the highly experienced, and probably overworked person

Formerly, the bonus offered by many companies to their senior staff - where in recognition of the additional work put in, and the additional responsibilities involved, of an extra weeks' leave (four weeks instead of just three weeks) has disappeared

Those who perform at lower levels, now get as a right, the same as those who have years of experience, and who put in larger hours and take greater responsibilities and stress levels as a part of their daily diet.

It needs to be adjusted.


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