Thursday, January 20, 2022

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That The Govt pay for & implement a more proactive role in eliminating suicide from our country. An increase in tax is warranted

The levels of suicide in our country are unacceptable. 

While my own views about the cause of these high levels, is that it stems from a misunderstanding, or a lack of vision for the future, i am sure that as a nation, we can come up with a raft of possibilities to lower these numbers, & with education, starting in schools, & every other opportunity that has a chance of working, we can start to eliminate this misunderstanding about life


There is a huge amount of misunderstanding about what life is. And the getting past of a current, seemingly overwhelming personal issue.

There are some who believe in punishment being delivered to others in the form of suicide.

Some who think there is no other solution.

Some who think that it is the ultimate declaration of "undying Love" (ironically)

Perhaps ego is so offended... many avoidable reasons. It can be fixed

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