Friday, June 02, 2023

The national debt is constantly increasing, refer the URL here to see by how much, the interest being accumulated at the rate of NZ$134 for each and every second.

The debt per citizen NZ$18,030 as at 11/7/17

This overall aim, will form a bundle to be ranked, but please rank within the bundle.

Please add your ideas for how  this might be achieved, and lets rank the best most easily achieved ideas at the top, so we can start straight away.

Some ideas I have, include:

The National Superannuation fund issue its own credit cards, for use within NZ, so that interest charged, remains in NZ based bank accounts, employment is created, and Fees charged for Card services remain in NZ. This should be a function external to Government itself, but perhaps operated as a Joint Venture with the Government

Reintroduction of border taxes, or where justified, an increase in border taxes, especially where imports of product compromise manufacturers of similar product in NZ< risking our employment being reduced, and possible losses to businesses.

Areas of Public Service, where the private sector could take over the administration of the work being done by Government, are to be tendered out, the limits of that work being clearly expressed with boundaries and outcomes not to be lesser than the true cost to the public, currently borne by Government.

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