Saturday, April 01, 2023

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That the Govt Provided Housing is to be more affordable (for the public purse) and smaller, with shared facilities where affordable

Government Provided Housing is to be more affordable (for the public purse) and smaller, with shared facilities where possible

Shift the thinking and supply from being 1/4 acre block thinking to something more sensible & affordable.

A quarter acre block with a house, in Auckland especially, is a luxury for any family to be able to afford, at either the rental level or ownership level.

The ownership of "State Housing" by the Government should be scrutinized, and where practical, and prudent, sold at Auction (for transparency) and that money invested into small housing, caravan style/size where individuals and families are safe, warm and comfortable, and where possible share expensive resources (Laundry, perhaps shower facilities - similar style to camping grounds)
The provision of State Housing being more of a "Transitory" nature, rather than something that is expected to be a permanent provision, and i either case, it is not to be rather luxurious, but become far more simple and functional.

So Govt Housing becomes more a role of A stepping stone, and not A stopping stone

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