Monday, September 27, 2021

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That the Govt Scrap the Road User Charges for Diesel powered engines and have the process put in line with normal fuel sales

Road User Charges for Diesel powered engines to have the process put in line with normal fuel sales, that is, paid at the bowser/retail outlet just as Petrol is.

Within Petrol driven engines, there are certainly road user charges, and although the vehicles are smaller, and therefore inflict less wear and tear on the roads, they use proportionately less fuel

A huge amount of government resources are set aside to look after this massive hoard of bureaucracy

The legislation, the rules and regulations, the risks and fines, are laborious and complicated and we can do better.

The random and constant fees which are applied, the paperwork to be completed, is something straight out of the 70's. And, being Government chares, there is even the entitlement under certain conditions, to refunds !!! more Government staff checks and time consumed on a totally unproductive "product"

The vehicles/Machinery which are currently exempted from paying Road User Charges, are mostly employed as tools in business of some sort, and therefore all expenses qualify for tax deductions anyway.

The Police, i am sure, would be far better off checking other details regarding traffic than this complicated process

Scrap the Road User Charges legislation in its entirety




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