Saturday, April 01, 2023

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That the Govt shift penalties for Methamphetamine manufacturers to be treated in similar vein to attempted murder.

Drugs. Methamphetamine manufacturers to be treated in similar vein to attempted murder.

Methamphetamine (P) is the worst drug i have seen in NZ and around the world, previously, it was Heroin.

The users lose so much, their money, their families and friends, and often, their lives.

Marijuana, and other drugs pale into insignificance when compared to this devil.

Supplying the drug, in particular manufacturing it, importing the ingredients for it with the inherent and implied clear intent to supply manufacturers is contributing to abuse on a grand scale in our country

Suppliers of ingredients, and manufacturers especially, are to be treated in a similar way to murder, and attempted murder

Where possible, cancel their residency status and send them back where  they came from, including their immediate families who have enjoyed the rewards of the crime

Increase the risk - not only to the individual, but also their immediate connections - just as they have been part of the risk to users, and their immediate connections

I consider that being trialled as a murderer should be a possibility, with its own outcomes, because collectively, the P Industry, is responsible, absolutely, for murder

but that is a whole different topic.

Where it is not possible to export those involved back to where they came from, they are to have the hardest penalties possible handed down

These sentences are to be publicly announced, often - that it is not worth the risk, not personally, and most definitely not to the society we are part of, and which surrounds and supports us.

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