Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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That Kia Koe support Death With Dignity within agreed guidelines & parameters

Death With Dignity. This has already had a referendum, which strongly supported giving Kiwi’s the option – but it was overturned in Parliament, almost as if through having access to it, it was treated as being compulsory. I want KK to deliver on the outcome of that referendum.

Our pets receive better treatment than we allow ourselves to choose from. 

We seem to be happy to put citizens in the line of fire, whether they choose to be in that danger, or not, but will not allow our family, friends and neighbours to choose an easier option than they consider they face, through conituing to live.

y. "The purpose of this bill is to allow persons who are terminally and/or incurably ill the opportunity of requesting assistance from a medically qualified person to end their lives in a humane and dignified way and to provide for that to occur after medical confirmation, a psychiatric assessment, counselling, and personal reflection."

The Bill, introduced by the deputy Leader of the New Zealand First party, MP Peter Brown, was similar to the Bill of the same name introduced by then MP Michael Laws in 1995.

A reading of both Bills reveals that wording is the same, except that Laws's Bill allowed for "terminally and incurably ill persons", whereas Brown's Bill says "terminally and/or incurably ill persons." The and/or means that the person does not have to be dying to be helped to die.


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